How to reach me

I most frequently check my email and phone. However, I try to stay active on twitter as well as maintain various social profiles. Some of my projects are also available on github, and I try to save interesting and helpful links I come across. Whenever I have a question my goto is StackOverflow . Also, music.

Feel free to add, follow, subscribe, contact, or just write me about anything that interests you!



(803) 369-5584

Picture of the App FamClub


Famclub - A chores and rewards app that ties families together. Developed while working at Reatro Ventures.

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Picture of the App I Heart Mac and Cheese

I Heart Mac And Cheese

I Heart Mac And Cheese - Online ordering app built for a rapidly growing fast casual restaurant chain.

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Picture of the App Emvite


Famclub - An emoji-first social app that helps users find people and businesses based on their interests.

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Picture of the App BodyPeace


BodyPeace - Instructional yoga app with recurring subscriptions to access premium content.

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Picture of the App PickleJar


PickleJar - A tipping platform built to enhance fan and artist interaction at events.

Picture of the App Mojilife


MojiLife - A 3-In-1 Social App that I built while working at a MojiLife Inc.

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Swift Explained

Swift Explained - A blog where I post unique tutorials to Apple's Swift language

Picture of the App Listy


Listy - A craigslist style App that I helped develop while working at a company called NPute.

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Addicting Apps

AddictingApps - A website to front apps and games I create

Picture of the App SayWhat

Say What?

Say What? is an Iphone app that lets players submit phrases and links. Every hour a phrase is randomly chosen and displayed to all the players. This app was built in Swift with a Firebase backend.

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Picture of the App Nutrition Expedition

Nutrition Expedition

Nutrition Expedition is a highly addictive game in which you control a basket to try and catch falling food from the sky! Try to stay alive as time is ticking and no one can stay alive without proper nutrition. Learn what food to catch and what to avoid! Collect boosts to help you stay healthy!

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Useful Websites - An interactive website with usefull javascript/jquery that can be edited in real time. - This website is the perfect tool for downsizing images and optimizing them for the web. - useful css tips and tricks.

Essential gamedev resources or - The most powerful 2d focused game dev IDEs out there with multi-platform support - a useful blog about game dev (mostly in gamemaker) with various tutorials. - Free graphics, very useful in creating sprites for games. - simple website that creates buttons for you (also useful in web design).

Programming tools or - Never lose a project again! These are services that provide hosting for code repositories. - Google for Prgorammers. Search any problem you might be encountering and it has most likely already been addressed on here.